Proudly Serving Ogle County for 30 Years!

Doug Floski is a respected, thoughtful and no-nonsense litigator who understands the needs of his clients and works diligently on their behalf.

Floski is a leader in structuring the estates of senior citizens to meet their legal duties and to protect their assets from state seizure during medical crises. He serves as a valued advisor to other attorneys in the area of asset protection.

He is an expert in real estate and municipal law. Working with real estate agents, land developers and numerous municipalities, his intricate knowledge of local and county governmental laws, rules and regulations has secured land development and real estate deals that have led to major development success throughout the region.

As chief legal advisor to Ogle County and now, as Byron Board of Education president, Floski has been involved in numerous successful tax negotiations with Exelon Nuclear, the largest taxpayer in Ogle County.

Floski's successful law practice specializes in business, municipal and real estate law, civil litigation, estate planning, wills-trusts, Medicare planning and asset protection, and the general practice areas of family and criminal law.

Floski has litigated more criminal cases than any lawyer in Ogle County during 18 years as a professional prosecutor, and more than a decade as a defense attorney. He is the only attorney in Ogle County who has argued a death penalty case.

Areas of Practice
  • General Litigation Civil/Criminal
  • Estate Planning Wills/Trusts
  • Medicare Planning/Asset Protection
  • Real Estate/Land Development
  • Municipal Law
  • Business/Banking/Financial Law
  • Family Law

Floski Law Office, LLC . 220 W. Third . Byron, Illinois . 815.234.5454 .